Date of completion: January 1, 1970

Link: http://feedrz.com

Description: Description: Feedrz is an online platform that allows the users to easily create, group, organize, share feedboards & forms and get results from anyone on the web! And the best part is that’s all for FREE!

The platform allows users to create online forms and feedboards, which give the user the possibility of adding a material/ product/ event and then creating associated forms. Anyone can contribute to the forms and feedboards, no account being needed to help the creator. Feedrz.com also provides a simple to use way of seeing and exporting the results of the forms.

The project was developed in my spare time, together with a friend, starting from summer of 2011. We chose to use Google AppEngine for project hosting and we used Java, HTML, JSP, CSS 3and Javascript for development. Besides these technologies, we used and integrated third party solutions, such as Objectify, Uniform, LessCSS, JQuery and others. The platform is still under development and now it's in open Beta, gathering feedback from users.

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