Map Assistant

Date of completion: January 1, 1970


Description: Map-Assistant is an Augmented Reality “map reader”. What do I mean by map reader? Well, ever been in front of a map and couldn’t find where you want to go because the map has a lot of information on it or because the legend of the map is in a different language. How could you make up de destination point on that map very quickly? Map Assistant consists of an

Android Application and a Google App Engine Server. A user looks through the phones camera at a certain map, downloads the specific map structure from the server and the requests to find a certain place.The application will overlay the location over the users camera. Android mobile application uses Zxing barcode library for surface detection.It detects the 3 qr-code corners and then computes the destination point as an offset.

The communication application - server uses JSON and REST. The application has only one map inserted in the server.For more details check out the project website.

More screenshots:
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