Secure SSL Chat

Date of completion: January 1, 1970


Description: Ever wanted a secure company chat where you don't have to remember passwords, just have your own X.509 certificate.The purpose of this project is to have a company secure chat client between company departments. Users of a certain department get specific privileges.ex: Users in the Management department can see all conversations on the other department servers while users in the IT departments can't see conversations in the Management server. The project was developed in Java.It uses Corba technology for client-server communication. The authorization service also has a banned list of users.If a certain word like "bomb" or offensive words are used the user is banned for a period of time. Project components:

  • company department servers (can be customized at start-up)

  • authorization service

  • chat client

For the authentication process both users and servers must present there X.509 certificates. A ant script can be used to generate certificates, Trust Stores and start the servers and the clients.

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