Academic background
Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and Engineering

I have been pursuing for the past 4 years a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, department of Computer Science and Engineering. It has been a great opportunity for me to develop myself and to broaden my knowledge­-base in topics such as  operating systems, computer networks, artificial intelligence, computer graphics, parallel computing, electronics, computer architecture, interface design, web services and many more.

Diploma thesis : 10 (out of 10)

GPA : 9.51 (out of 10)

Diploma project : Mobile Application for Pollution Data Retrieving  and Dissemination.

Favorite classes :

  1. Distributed Software and Services Development
  2. Machine Learning
  3. Communication Protocols
  4. Algorithm Analysis
  5. Algorithm Development


Google Summer of Code Intern

I have worked with Evergreen Open-Ils open source organization in developing a mobile Android application. Beside all the features of the web version, the mobile application incorporates technology like barcode scanning and phone specific features: reminders on item expiration time.

Android Summer School

The first internship at Android Summer School was such a success I decided to go again. This time I was more interested in Augmented Reality applications. I have developed MapAssitant and I have used barcode libraries to achieve surface detection. You can read more about the project in my portfolio.

Android Summer School

I developed an Android game, “Tube Racer”, in a team of 4 people. It’s basic idea is that you are in an infinite Tor and must avoid obstacles.  The game involved OpenGL ES programming, Java and Game patterns. It was also a first encounter with the Android platform.

Programming languages
Programming Languages and Technologies

I will try to summarise my experience regarding programming languages and technologies.

  • C/C++ – I have been developing in C for almost 5 years (and 2 years in C++), various applications from simple algorithms to networking, protocols, graphical interfaces, OpenGL apps, distributed & parallel applications.
  • Java – I have been using Java for almost 3 years now and, as with C, I’ve coded an extremely wide range of applications, including Android apps, server (JSP, Servlets, Google AppEngine, Corba), graphical interfaces, etc.
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript – I have quite some experience in developing web applications/sites, mainly with JSP as dynamic language, but also some experience with PHP and MySQL.
  • RESTful services – I have some experience working with REST, XML and JSON for communication used in projects: SmartHome, MapAssistant and others (for mobile apps visit my portfolio).
  • Software parallelization - I used MPI 2.0, Pthreads, OpenMp for projects that involved distributed or parallel computing.
  • C# – I have worked on a few projects in C#, mainly outside the university (personal projects), including some (very basic) experience with Windows Phone 7.
  • Scheme, Prolog, Haskell – I am at the beginner level, but I can handle the basics. I used them for various tasks, mainly artificial intelligence, throughout the university.
  • I have some basic experience with other languages like: python, perl, matlab/octave.

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